Provided Consulting services

Providing advisory studies

Providing consulting studies in all the matters related to analysis, designing and creating the actual requirements of businesses and activities in the project management office (PMO), the transmission of portfolio and the warranty services, which provide the results and actual recommendations, to achieve best results for clients through creating a full vision of expectations and returns of setting up the project management office within the organization. 

Providing consultancy studies

Providing the specialized consulting studies in all activities and sciences of management in both sections (private and public). Offering recommendations and solutions which guarantee the smoothness of transferring knowledge business process sustainability.

Providing consultancy services

Providing consulting services that are built on scientific methodologies and international foundations in introducing analysis, education and development in the field of business with the highest quality standards. 

Advanced Experience

Providing consulting studies and solutions by a professional team of consultants, who is able to achieve all the operational goals in the higher management.

Providing consultative and strategic studies

Providing consulting and strategic studies to configure out the plans and policies in proportion to the mechanism of implementation, operation and monitoring the process of controlling the ratios of achievement and performance in accordance with the standards of project and program management.

evaluating and building

Providing consultation studies and designs for establishing departments and divisions, building restructuring and the government re-establishments. Evaluating and building the facilities ’requirements of manpower and identifying the most appropriate needs and requirements according to the work methodology.

Partners and International Cooperation

The management world consulting company made a lot of partnerships and corporations, to enrich our knowledge and share experiences in cooperating global business through international organizations working in the field of management and engineering to discuss the latest science findings and reaching the mechanism of implementing it in the world of business. 

Project Management Alliance Organization (PMO)

The PMO management organizes a global community from a group of professionals in PMO with more than 6000 members in many countries. Members work cooperatively on various international projects, such as methodologies, tools, articles, conferences and awards.

Members are PMOs leaders, PMOs members, CEOs, advisors, educators, students, and project managers, among others, who share experiences and knowledge, and contribute to the development of the global PMOs community. The first mission is to support the professional development of our members through mutual support, communication, advanced research and intensive exchange of experiences.

Wroclaw University of Technology (WUT)

It has a rich history of more than three centuries; currently it has the academic incubator for entrepreneurship and is a new unit of the University of Wroclaw that aims to help students start their own businesses by offering free advice and entrepreneurship, Organizing conferences and seminars, supporting selected investments and offering office spaces. The academic incubator for entrepreneurship cooperates with the university’s outputs. The aim is to create conditions to utilize the scientific and industrial potential of Wroclaw and the region and stimulate the industry of advanced technologies. The University of Wroclaw is proud to be one of the contributors to scientific research.  Moreover, university scientists have many links with researchers from other higher education institutions around the world.

International Association of Engineers (IAENG)

International association of engineers includes a group of members and presidents of the research center, deans of the faculty, heads of departments, professors, scientists, engineers, researchers and experienced software development managers and engineers .

Besides, graduate students, undergraduates, etc. from over hundred different countries.

The objectives of the association are to enhance cooperation between professionals in the various fields of engineering and to prepare the environment for technology improvement and development. Our goal includes: enhancing interactions between engineers. Advancing the implementation of engineering techniques from academics to industries; Facilitating the free exchange of information and ideas between engineers and scientists.

Society of Engineers in Poland (SIMP).

The Society of Polish Engineers (SIMP) is a voluntary, democratic, autonomous, sustainable organization of social benefit, and is associated with approx. With 10,000 engineers from all related disciplines and professions. It dates back to 1926, and from an organizational point of view, it consists of 48 departments and 21 scientific and technical departments and societies of an advanced specialized engineering nature.

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